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All about Rails in India [ PNR Status ]

Some links to  reserve the tickets easy.

1. – Cleartrip servers are fast compare to irctc servers, first check up availability with clear trip. Booking tickets in cleartrip much better but the service charge extra. – Dead slow servers. use google chrome to book tickets, fast and more reliable when compare to other browsers. The net banking and payment options chrome will support some good manner.  – Checking PNR is trough net you may go with it.  Its well and good one.

4. Check PNR Status in Mobile.




Top Maa Durga Puja & Ayudha Puja Wallpapers Photo Image

Ayudha Puja is an integral part of the Dasara festival (festival of triumph), a Hindu festival which is traditionally celebrated in India. It is also called “Astra Puja”, the synonym for Ayudha Puja. in Tamil Nadu as Ayuda Pujai (Tamil: ஆயுத பூஜை) and in Kerala as Ayudha Puja. The festival falls on the ninth day or Navami of the bright half of Moon’s cycle of 15 days (as per Almanac) in the month of September/October, and is popularly a part of the Dasara or Navaratri or Durga Puja or Golu festival.

Ayudha Puja and Maa Durga Puja Wallpapers

Durga puja  2011

Durga puja 2011





Ayudha Puja images 2011

Ayudha Puja images 2011

Ayudha Puja images 2011

Ayudha Puja images 2011

Happy Ayudha Puja ஆயுத பூஜை

5 things you should not share with your colleagues


  • Salary
  • Workload
  • Biased views about other colleagues
  • Disagreements with your Boss
  • Discussing personal stuff

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5 Awesome Companies That Emerged From Crappy Ideas!

Most Great Companies Started With Bad Ideas

Most great companies started off with very different ideas that were either not very good or impractical. Very rarely does a startup actually start with the idea that makes them the next big thing.

Here are just a few examples of successful companies that had very different and troubled initial ideas:

Initial idea: Allow groups of people to band together to accomplish a goal called ThePoint
Eventually: Groupon

Initial idea: HTML5 supported location-based service
Eventually: Instagram

Initial idea: Web-based massively multiplayer online game called Game Neverending
Eventually: Flickr

Initial idea: Compare two people’s pictures and rate which one was more attractive
Eventually: Facebook

Initial idea: People to share photos and get grouped based on locations in an app called Color
Eventually: To be determined

At Yipit, our initial idea was a local search site focused on furniture in New York. Today, we are the leading aggregator of daily deals like Groupon, LivingSocial and the 485 others.

What Does This Mean For You?

When you stop expecting that your startup idea has to be the next big thing, you can draw some valuable conclusions:

  • Stop waiting for the perfect idea. The perfect idea isn’t coming. You just have to pick a problem you are passionate about and start working on it. Over time, you will evolve your startup into the next big thing
  • You’re idea isn’t the real value, it’s you. The value lies in your ability to learn from potential customers, iterate based on those learnings. Those iterations will determine whether or not your startup will be successful, not the initial idea
  • Don’t worry that your first idea will fall flat. It falls flat for almost everyone. Your idea is based on so many assumptions, it’s bound to be full of issues. Figure out what’s wrong and fix it.
  • Get your prototype out there as soon as you can. Don’t spend six months releasing your first prototype. It’s going to fall flat. Instead, get a prototype into the hands of your potential customers as soon as you can. You need to learn as quickly as possible what’s wrong with the idea so you can fix it.
  • Don’t write a business plan. Within a month, your business plan will be irrelevant. Instead of spending that time writing a business plan, spend it getting your prototype into customers hands.

Your initial startup idea isn’t the next big thing and that’s okay. Just get out there and start working on a big problem that you’re passionate about and you may eventually turn it into the next big thing.

Credits: businessinsider

Create Custom QR Codes for Your Digital Life

QR codes have been all the rage this year for big brands, and now ordinary consumers and small businesses can get in on the fun, too. JumpScan lets users create customized QR codes that combine all your contact information, including social media profiles, for on-the-go sharing.

Think of it as a QR-powered iteration of or especially intended for mobile phones.

It’s also a lot like a next-gen version of Contxts and similar services, but it uses your phone’s camera instead of SMS for a smoother experience with fewer actions between meeting and contacting a person.

As a user, when you sign up for a JumpScan account, you’ll get to create a mobile landing page by entering your contact information. You can add your e-mail address, phone number, Facebook profile, Twitter and Flickr feeds and more.

Once you generate your own code, anyone with a smart phone can snap a picture of the image to be automatically redirected to your own JumpScan page.

Here’s a quick demo video showing how the app works:

Credits: Mashable

Facebook Vs Twitter [InfoGraphic]

Credits: webanalyticsworld

Year in Review with google – 2010[HD]

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