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The Facts about Bottled Water [Video]



Web Apps to Save You Time at Work

Web tools saves work

Web Apps to Save You Time at Work

1)PrintFriendly–Distills web content into clean, ad-free documents. Also generates PDFs that retain links and other formatting.

2)Vector Magic–Translates standard web images into scalable vector art that looks professional.

3)Dummy Image–Easily snags placeholder images from your bookmarks bar that you can size and drag to your document until your real image is in hand.

4)SimplyNoise–A white noise generator that helps tune out noisy coworkers.

5)ShowMeWhatsWrong–A way for you to help tech-troubled associates who can record up to five minutes of their on-screen troubles which the app will upload, process and email to you so you can figure out what’s wrong instead of trouble-shooting blind.

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