5 New URL Shortening Services to Shorten Web Links

5 New URL Shortening Services to Shorten Web Links


An URL shortener is a service that can take in webpage links which are big and clumsy looking and converts them into small web addresses. This makes the links slimmer and convenient for us to share everywhere on internet like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. Specially the URL shortner services

2)  Crumb.bs

Crumb.bs has a very nice interface. It does not provide any bookmarklet or direct sharing to social networks, but the unique service it provides is creating custom links adding a password to link and limiting maximum number of visitors who can click on that link.


It gives simple interface to input web links to be shortened. It also provides a bookmarklet to shorten links directly from your browser. There is no service for sharing the shortened links from this site.


Its shorten the link and share with many social metworking sites facebook,twitter,declious etc,,,,


Go2.t provides two fields of information that can be filled in one is the mandatory field for inserting the original webpage link that you want to shorten and other is a optional field for creating Custom Alias. It provides two bookmarklets one for shortening links directly from your browser and other to tweet links directly from browser. You can create an account to keep track of your converted links. It can store 25 links that were recently converted.

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