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Windows 7 trounces Windows XP at green computing

Mindteck, a company that offers embedded software development and consultancy services, has released power consumption data after testing sleep, idle, low-use, and high-use scenarios of various Windows PCs. The researchers also built a model to estimate cost savings (pictured above) by using a centralized power management policy. What really piqued our interest, though, was that Mindteck looked at the effect of processor chipset drivers on the power consumption (in watts) of Windows XP and Windows 7 with varying driver configurations and older hardware:

  Power consumption (Watts)  
OS Windows XP Windows 7 Percent improvement
PC Configuration Idle Low High Idle Low High Idle Low High
P4 Updated Drivers 64.2 69.7 89.8 57.3 66.1 79.4 10.75 5.16 11.58
P4 Out-of-box 64.2 68.7 106.2 57.3 66.1 79.4 10.75 3.78 25.24
High-end Updated Drivers 47.2 48.0 67.7 45.2 49.1 66.8 4.14 2.29 1.33
High-end Out-of-box 50.5 54.3 78.0 45.2 49.1 66.8 10.50 9.54 14.36

As you can see, the results favor Windows 7 in every single scenario. The out-of-box differences are particularly high. For Windows 7, the consumption levels are actually the same as with the updated drivers—this means that Windows 7 is taking care of the chipset drivers, even on older hardware. The same cannot be said for Windows XP, and even with updated drivers (obtained manually), it still performs worse than Windows 7.

The whitepaper actually focuses on explaining how to “maximize the impact of effective power management with Windows 7,” but the comparison to Windows XP was included in the appendix. Mindteck Smart Energy analysts quantified power consumption on five basic hardware platforms: a high-end desktop such as those used in engineering design or media processing, both a business desktop and business laptop, a Pentium 4 class business desktop to investigate prior-generation hardware, and a netbook. If you’ve already rolled out Windows 7 in your company, or are planning to, the 11-page report should help your CIOs and IT managers alike learn about leveraging Windows 7 to implement a comprehensive power management strategy.

Windows 7 overtakes Windows Vista in market share

                                      Windows 7 past Windows Vista in market share, according to One year after Windows 7 hit RTM and nine months after it was released, Microsoft’s newest OS managed to acquire more users than its predecessor. The operating system reached the 10 percent market share mark four months ago, and just last weekAt Ars, our readers have embraced Microsoft’s latest operating system much faster. Windows users accounted for 63.39 percent of our visitors last month. Breaking down that number, 27.13 percent use Windows XP, 9.32 percent are on Vista, and 26.14 percent have Windows 7. In other words, one in four Ars readers are Windows 7 users. Microsoft announced it had sold 175 million licenses so far.

If we take a look at the last 12 months, it’s very clear that Windows 7 is surging forward. Meanwhile, Windows Vista has lost about four and a half percent in the last year, while Windows XP has lost almost 10 percent. Mac OS, meanwhile, has gained almost a fifth of a percent and Linux last month lost its recent gains

Between June and July 2010, Windows dropped a minor 0.14 percent (from 91.46 percent to 91.32 percent). More specifically, Windows XP dropped 0.56 percent (from 62.43 percent to 61.87 percent), Windows Vista fell 0.34 percent (from 14.68 percent to 14.34 percent), and Windows 7 jumped 0.76 percent (from 13.70 percent to 14.46 percent). Even though Windows is slowly losing share, Windows 7 is doing phenomenally well: it has almost reached 15 percent and we expect one in five users on the Internet to be using it before the end of the year.

Mac OS has dropped the least: 0.10 percent (from 5.16 percent to 5.06 percent). Linux also dropped 0.14 percent (from 1.07 percent to 0.93 percent)—its biggest change in 12 months. The main reason that all the major PC operating systems are declining is that mobile operating systems are counted separately and are growing very quickly.

10 browser Add On to improve Surfing easy

1. LastPass: When you’re logged into LastPass, it saves your passwords as you enter them. When it detects a new login, LastPass prompts you to save the site so when you return, you can simply hit the auto login button on the LastPass icon. This award-winning add-on offers many additional features, and keeps your data secure as well.

2. Zamzar: The add-on Zamzar will save you a great deal of time. Say, you want to post a picture to Facebook, but it’s not a jpeg, or you want to watch a movie from YouTube, but in your Windows Media Player instead. This add-on lets you convert files effortlessly, giving you more control over your media.

3. Yoono: This add-on allows you to update your Facebook, Twitter, AIM and more, all in one place. You can post links and photos through the simple toolbar, and keep your friends updated across all of your networks.

4. Shareaholic: As customizable as it gets and extremely user-friendly, this add-on helps you stay on top of real-time news. You can share your favorite finds on up to 100 social networks with just one click through the comprehensive interface, allowing you do de-clutter your screen with less-perfect toolbars.

5. DownThemAll: In a hurry? This add-on helps programs download up to 400% faster. You can pause the download and resume it later. Plus, you can customize the settings to download only the images or links you need.

6. Greasemonkey: This is the ultimate add-on for control freaks, allowing you to alter any component of a webpage through simple scripts. You can customize the interaction of a webpage, change its design, add your own toolbars…the options are endless.

7. Adblock Plus: Pop-ups and banners can be distracting and time consuming. Adblock Plus keeps them from opening in the first place, so you only see the content you intended to. Set the filters to allow for specific types of ads, and block others.

8. Cooliris: The Cooliris add-on presents media from any website on a 3-D wall, saving you the effort of clicking through the site. Scroll through photo albums, search for videos, and zoom in for a closer view. You can watch the content as a slideshow or in full-screen format.

9. ieSpell: Many text boxes don’t offer a spell check function, like when responding to a blog post or online forum. ieSpell fills this gap. Now you can be certain that your t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted…and catch errors before they’re permanent.

10. PagMan: Productivity is overrated, and isn’t everyone bored with solitaire? This fun add-on is based on the classic Pac-Man game, and will help you recharge your creative batteries for hours on end.

4 Top Remote Access Of Computers Using Internet



2. iRemotePC

3. TeamViewer

4. CrossLoop

Light Weight PDF Reader

1)Foxit Reader is a free PDF reader for windows, Linux. Here is the Download Link for Windows and Linux.

Foxit Reader is notable for its short load time and small filesize, and has been compared favorably to Adobe Reader. It is not able to read PDX files (searchable catalogs), which limits its utility for use with document collections, and it does not handle the text ligatures correctly during text search and copy[citation needed]. Its MS Windows version allows annotating and saving unfinished PDF forms, FDF import/export, converting to text, highlighting and drawing.

Download For windows

Download Foxit Reader for Linux

5 New URL Shortening Services to Shorten Web Links

5 New URL Shortening Services to Shorten Web Links


An URL shortener is a service that can take in webpage links which are big and clumsy looking and converts them into small web addresses. This makes the links slimmer and convenient for us to share everywhere on internet like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. Specially the URL shortner services

2) has a very nice interface. It does not provide any bookmarklet or direct sharing to social networks, but the unique service it provides is creating custom links adding a password to link and limiting maximum number of visitors who can click on that link.


It gives simple interface to input web links to be shortened. It also provides a bookmarklet to shorten links directly from your browser. There is no service for sharing the shortened links from this site.


Its shorten the link and share with many social metworking sites facebook,twitter,declious etc,,,,


Go2.t provides two fields of information that can be filled in one is the mandatory field for inserting the original webpage link that you want to shorten and other is a optional field for creating Custom Alias. It provides two bookmarklets one for shortening links directly from your browser and other to tweet links directly from browser. You can create an account to keep track of your converted links. It can store 25 links that were recently converted.

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