Googling from the Command Line with GoogleCL


Attention geeks: As if it wasn’t fun enough to type various commands into any of Google’s Web services, the search giant has just unveiled a new tool that gives you even more flexibility to run Google-based queries and actions without even having to load up a browser at all.

GoogleCL, as the company calls it, is a new utility that allows one to run command-line interactions between a host system and Google’s Web services.

For example, instead of chugging through all the various queries and configurations of Google’s Picasa service in an effort to get your photos online, you can just type this into GoogleCL instead: $ google picasa create –title “My album” ~/Photos/vacation/*.jpg

The utility is geared for Linux users—in fact, this Python-based application cites Linux as the primary operating system supported by GoogleCL, though a clever little how-to does describe how one would be able to run the utility on a Windows-based PC. You’ll want to have the Google Data Python Library installed as a prerequisite.

“Along with a standard tarball, we have a .deb package ready for download, and hope to have it included in Debian and Ubuntu repositories in time for their next releases,” writes Jason Holt and Tom Miller on the Open Source at Google blog. “We’re adding features all the time, so check in frequently.”

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