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After switching from a Samsung 19″ lcd monitor to an HP 24″ monitor I had to start searching for high definition wallpaper websites that would support a monitor resolution of 1920×1200. One good side effect of high resolution wallpapers is that they are also suitable for lower resolution monitors by simply resizing them to the monitor resolution.

The Internet literally contains thousands of wallpaper sites, most of them crappy and ad infested. The following sites have only a few ads – if any – and provide a good selection of at least a few hundreds high definition wallpapers.

Most websites in the list offer multiple resolutions and should provide wallpapers for barely any monitor resolutions. If you know of a great website that should be in the list let everyone know in the comments.

Cool HD Wallpapers

Categorizes wallpapers by size and provides multiple sizes for all wallpapers.


The only foreign (that is non English) site of this list. Offers many high definition wallpapers with many unusual sizes such as 1600×3200.

Deviant Art HDTV / Widescreen

Offers probably the largest selection of hdtv and widescreen wallpapers powered by the sheer size of the Deviant art user base.


The Flickr Wallpaper pool contains thousands of wallpaper images with a minimum size of 1024×768 but most higher than that. The choice is great but the wallpapers lack information on the preview pages. One needs to click through individual wallpapers to check the supported screen resolutions.

HD Desktop Wallpapers

The majority of the content of hd desktop wallpapers are celebrity wallpapers who make up more than 80% of all wallpapers. Wallpapers come in all possible resolutions and it is quite hard to find HD wallpapers on the site. Seems a bit deserted as well.

HD Wallpapers

All wallpapers are available in 1600×1200 format only. Site offers nine categories like cars, celebrities and tv shows.


Provides access to more than 1600 HD wallpapers that are supplied in various sizes up to 2560×1600. Offers various ways to browse wallpapers, for example by tags or artist.

My HD Wallpaper

Thousands of hd wallpapers in various categories like celebrities, abstract and computer generated. Site provides access to various sizes for each wallpaper and offers a 2560×1600 category that contains 199 wallpapers.

Professional Wallpapers

Lists all available wallpaper resolutions on the main page which is a refreshing change. Uses tags to categorize wallpapers. Wallpaper sizes up to 2560×1600.

Steampunk Wallpaper

A blog style wallpaper site that is rather hard to navigate because of this but contains more information about each wallpaper which is a refreshing change. Wallpapers are tagged properly and the tag cloud provides a good way of navigating the site.

Wallpaper HD

Many different wallpaper categories, even one about the 2008 US election. Sizes up to 2560×1600.


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