How to Protect Your password From Hackers

1: When u craete new account u must remember ur zip code, date of birth, security Q & A ,, so if anything goes wrong then u can easily retreive ur password back

2: mostly ppls choose 6 to 10 words password which can b easily crack by BRUTE FORCE or password hackware … bcoz thier r many passwords list in hacking world wich updates daily new password … try to choose 15 to 25 words password wich is hard to crak

3 : dont put ur password in any page looks real ( examplae ) yahoo or orkut …… it might be a pishing page .. remember pishing pages r like HTTP://(anyhing).com/orkut or /login
it have login in lend of URL .. when real pages have login in start of url like or MAil.goole …

4: dont accept any .EXE or .JPG file from the person u dont know .. and if u accept then check it online vius scannig before u select that .. << is good online virus scanning

5 : dont click any website looks like ip and port address (example) this might be a trojan website .. it will b loaded in ur pc when u click this ,, if u have LAN then it might be a sharing coz in LAN ppls use HFS for sharing

  1. orkut denying by unsufficient memmory unable to proceed

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